Bangalore: While many companies claim to operate on the farm-to-fork model, Nanda Group is among the few poultry businesses in India that have fully integrated back-end operations. They own their own hatcheries, feed mills, breeding farms, broiler farms, processing centres, food factories, cold chain infrastructure and retail stores. “Given that we own the entire supply chain, we can guarantee 100% traceability and transparency in our operations. We have expert veterinarians who monitor the process at every level and stage to ensure that the products are not just safe but meet the global certified standards,” says Narendra Pasuparthy, CEO and Founder, Nandu’s, the retail arm of the group. 

Talking about the current bird-flu and its impact on the industry, Naren says, “Having grown over 60 million birds in the last 15 years without any instance of an outbreak at our farms, we strongly believe that there is absolutely no reason to worry about Bird flu! The high-end biosecurity measures at our farms, our feed formulation of nutritious feed, FSSAI certified production facility, FSSC certified processing centre and end-to-end cold chain system has helped us deliver fresh, safe and anti-biotic free chicken to our consumers every day. We  can proudly claim that our process innovation and cutting-edge technology has ensured that we remain the most trusted brand in this segment.”

 “We believe that our consumers at Nandu’s have the right to know what they are eating; how the chicken were grown; how they were processed; and how they were finally brought to