Princeton Heights neighborhood - STL

Princeton Heights is located in south St. Louis generally bounded by Gravois on the east and southeast, Hampton to the west and southwest and Eichelberger to the north. Before a family member of mine moved here, I always thought this part of town was called Southampton. Wrong, that is the neighborhood to the north.

This neighborhood has got to be one of St. Louis’ best examples of the “gingerbread house”. Street after street, house after house have the charm and craftsmanship that make St. Louis so great. Many of the houses may look the same while passing through in the car; but a nice long walk through the streets will prove that almost every home has it’s unique charm or touches that set it apart from it’s immediate neighbors.

Here are some interesting facts about street name changes over the years:

“Bonita was known as Wiesehahn, Eichelberger was known as Clark Road, Gresham was known as Kaiser, Holly Hills was known as Kansas, Nagel was known as Brunzwick, Sunshine was known as Upton. There were street names such as Mecklenburg, Bewen, Helvetia, Brunswick, Korn and Wisehann that have now cease to exist. and In 1947, Wilmore Park was created from the old Ellebeck’s Farm.”

I like the Germanic names. Sunshine and Holly Hills sound too much like a Carpenters song. What’s next Summer Breeze lane? Mmmm I can smell the jasmine.

It’s obvious that this neighborhood is tidy and well maintained. People here care and love where