Carvana has started a new program to help its team members work toward completing an undergraduate degree.

The program is called Carvana KEYS, with the acronym standing for Keeping Education in Your Sight.

Through the internal initiative, Carvana team members can apply to seek financial and programmatic assistance toward earning their college degrees.

Carvana KEYS works with InStride, a global provider of strategic enterprise education programs. Carvana said the program could help decrease the financial and logistical burdens people face in completing an undergraduate degree. Those who might not be college-ready could also have an opportunity to start with an earned admission program.

All programs are offered online through InStride’s curated global network of academic partners.

“As a vertically integrated company, we have a myriad of jobs across industries, and recognize that there are numerous paths that lead to Carvana,” Carvana founder and chief executive officer Ernie Garcia said in a news release.

Garcia continued, “So we’re proud to support the diverse backgrounds, experience and talents of our teammates who have yet to complete — or pursue — a college degree with Carvana KEYS.”

“Carvana is recognized for the innovative and creative way it is disrupting the traditional car-buying process,” said InStride chief executive officer Vivek Sharma.

Sharma continued, “We’re pleased that they are showing the same initiative when it comes to creating a future-ready workforce with the Carvana KEYS program, and we’re proud to work with them on this endeavor.”

InStride has agreements with a curated network of academic institutions in the United States, Latin America,