With COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations on an exponential rise in Colorado, Governor Jared Polis recently laid out a retooled framework for how the state will impose restrictions across its 64 counties.

The state health department’s “dial” framework now has a new, highest level, Polis announced during a Tuesday news conference.

Counties were previously assessed using five levels. Now, there are six, ending with the addition of the dial’s newest and most restrictive level: Level Purple. The new levels will go into effect Friday, with 15 Colorado counties moving to the state’s now-second-highest level: Level Red.

At all levels, childcare facilities will be able to remain open and outdoor worship services and funerals can take place with proper social distancing as long as they follow local zoning regulations. 

While counties may be placed until certain levels, they are allowed to impose stricter regulations. Larimer County did so Nov. 13 with a public health order that imposed additional restrictions of indoor dining and bar service. 

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Here are the levels on Colorado’s new COVID-19 dial framework:

Level Green: Protect your neighbors

  • Residents in high-risk populations are asked to use caution when out in the community.
  • Personal gatherings are allowed if they follow local guidance in your county
  • Schools are open and learning is