Christmas is just 70 days away, and the holiday shopping season is already ramping up.

And given the impacts of 2020, every business will be seeking to maximize its opportunities, as best it can, within the period. To help with this, Google has published a new, 27-page guide on evolving shopping behaviors, based on search trends, along with advice on how businesses can align their promotions with the same.

You can download the full guide here, but below is an overview of the key points.

The guide puts a spotlight on five key trends that marketers need to be aware of, and provides in-depth breakdowns for each.

The first is a longer shopping cycle – Google says that 62% of US shoppers are planning to start holiday shopping earlier this year to avoid crowds and missing out on items. 

“This means retailers will need to rethink the usual timelines for Cyber Monday and Cyber Week to help shoppers already looking for special offers and deals this October.”

I mean, crowds seem like less of an issue than normal, if anything, but the broader point is that people are already searching for holiday items, and increasingly, they’re doing so online. Which has also lead to a change in what people are looking for from retailers.

Google Shopping Guide

Google advises brands to think beyond the regular big shopping days, and to offer deals and discounts in order to maximize exposure.

The growth of eCommerce is also key to Google’s next point – 69% of US shoppers are