While the Black Lives Matter movement has sparked action amongst policy-makers, business leaders and the general public alike over the past few weeks, some brands have also seen shoppers voting with their wallets by supporting black-owned enterprises.

I spoke with 5 black-owned businesses who have seen a positive impact on their business, and what it means to the companies they lead and the communities they support.  

Ecoslay – “An outpouring of love from customers”

Adria Marshall,the founder of Ecoslay, a hair products brand, says that a new wave of support has shown up for Ecoslay both emotionally and financially. “Our company has experienced a noticeable outpouring of love from its white customer base ranging from endless #supportblackbusiness (and the like) tags on Instagram and Facebook, sincere questions on how they can help support the Black community and an unquestionable increase in sales,” Marshall says. 

Ecoslay’s online and Amazon AMZN sales have increased 30% and 20% respectively over the past 3 weeks. “I’ve spoken with several other Black business owners and can confirm a shared experience,” Marshall says.